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Settlement Services for Humanitarian Entrants and New Arrivals

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Our Community Engagement Team offers services to the newly arrived to ensure a smooth transition to the Australian way of life.

We target refugees and humanitarian entrants who have been in Australia for less than five years and are dealing with priority issues of settlement, and we support our clients to enhance their knowledge and ability to access and navigate mainstream services and become independent.

The Settlement Engagement and Transition Support (SETS) project is funded through the NSW Settlement Partnership by the Department of Home Affairs. Eligible clients include Refugees, Humanitarian Entrants and newly arrived families in Blacktown and the outer western Sydney Statistical Districts (SSDs).

Our bilingual case workers are experienced in delivering a culturally appropriate service to newly arrived refugees, humanitarian entrants and migrants to Australia.

We Can Help With

We support permanent residents who have in Australia for less than five years and arrived as humanitarian entrants, family stream migrants with low English proficiency, holders of Family and partner visas, dependents of skilled migrants and other selected other streams visas. We provide case work services and support in some of the priority issues of settlement, like employment, housing, education and training, English language, health, family support, transport, civic participation and justice.

Our experienced Generalist case workers listen to the needs of individuals providing them with support and tools to develop independence. Casework, groups sessions and community activities are run in Blacktown, Mt Druitt and Penrith.

We hold regular information sessions to assist people with their settlement issues, including the Australian legal system, policing, family harmony, education and more.

We hold information sessions to inform and educate new arrivals about life in Australia.

Our caseworkers listen to the needs of new arrivals and link them to appropriate services.

This program assists unemployed refugees, immigrants and culturally and linguistically diverse community (CALD) members living in Australia for less than 5 years. The program prepares them to navigate the job market independently while gaining some knowledge, skills and understanding of the Australian workplace culture through ongoing training and support.

The program also aims to create an environment where participants work to build trust and connection with suitable employment service providers and businesses to create sustainable employment outcomes in both the social and economic aspects of their life.

Some key activities under the program are Job Preparedness Training, Workshop, Information session and referrals.

Our Support groups assist new entrants into the country to learn more about the many facets of Australia in a safe, friendly and supportive environment. Groups come together each week or fortnight to hear from guest speakers and to discuss share issues affecting them.

We offer services to eligible refugee (Subclasses 200, 201, 203 and 204) and humanitarian (Subclass 202) entrants and following visa holders: Temporary protection (Subclasses 866 and 785), Temporary Humanitarian Stay (Subclass 449), Temporary Humanitarian Concern (Subclass 786) and Safe Haven Enterprises (Subclass 790) up to 6 months of case management support, personalized and tailored to meet your needs. However, Australian citizen and bridging visa holders are not eligible of this services.

If you are struggling financially, physically and mental health, with legal issues, housing and settlement, domestic violence and child protection issues, youth welfare and educational concerns as well as accessing mainstream services, social isolation and language barriers, we can assist.

We will work with you to address the barriers you face in becoming independent and connect you to mainstream services. We will help you build the skills and confidence you need to successfully live independently and be a part of your community.

For application, referral support and further information contact: Abdul Wazin, HSP Case Manager on 02 9631 6633, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our Learner Driver Mentoring Program assists eligible people through the process of getting their licence: from passing the driver knowledge test and learning more about road rules, car maintenance, insurance and the fine system; to obtaining a learner’s permit and getting practical, on-road driving experience.

Finding and maintaining suitable accommodation for you and your family can be difficult especially if you are new to the country.


SydWest Multicultural Services’ Housing Services program is designed to help people from non-English speaking backgrounds who are experiencing difficulties accessing private, government or community housing in the Blacktown LGA. We help to empower people so that they are able to maintain their tenancies and we provide assistance and advice for people experiencing difficulties.

The program also addresses issues of mortgage stress. Please contact our Housing Project Worker on (02) 9621 6633 to find out more.

Once a month, the NSW Energy and Water Ombudsman is available to discuss and work through any issues you may have with your electricity, gas and water bills. Discover more about your entitlements and how to save energy and water to reduce your bills. This service is available on the first Friday of each month at SydWest Multicultural Services.

The WDO scheme enables eligible clients who are experiencing significant hardship to reduce their fine debt through voluntary participation in unpaid work, courses, treatment, programs and other activities. The purpose of the WDO is to improve the difficulties that fines present to the most disadvantaged people in the community. For SydWest clients only.

The service offers case management support to women from refugee and migrant background (and their children) who are residing in the Blacktown LGA and are fleeing Domestic and Family Violence. The service will target holders of the following visa categories: Temporary working visa, Provisional visa, Partners, and/or Prospective marriage visa, Bridging visa.

pdfDownload: Specialist Migrant Domestic Violence Project Flyer

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